Sep 6, 2011

This Morning

An odd Tuesday morning it is. Ate some Lucky Charms which I haven't had that in years (due to it making me feel gross...wait for it...yup. Feeling gross..).  Must head to the bus stop in an hour...never took the school bus to school, wonder what it's like?
Freddie Mercury's birthday is today. I like some of Queen's music, good for road trips. Google made a cool animation on their browser in celebration. Wonder if Freddie ever took the school bus to school...


  1. i enjoy public transportation.

    i never liked riding the bus to school, but i liked riding the bus back home.

    these weren't like, yellow school buses. these were public buses. sometimes a quiet ride, sometimes a very entertaining ride. such as this right heere

    then i got a car, and never really rode the bus anymore. unless i'm in a big city, where driving isn't that practical.

  2. oh PS

    freddie's bday was on the 5th


  3. Ha you're right, today is the 6th. whoops. :P